Revenge of ’93: Centerfolds at the Irving Theater

Retrofeel Pop Punk Band Centerfolds Seizes the Irving Theater On January 11th

It may have crystalized in 1992 when Nirvana released Nevermind, but the grunge/pop punk phenomenon’s roots go deep. From Television to Joy Division, from the Sex Pistols to Dead Kennedys, from the Velvet Underground to the Pixies. So it’s no surprise that when the levies broke and the alternative bled into the mainstream, there was a surge of inspiration. Suddenly, music that had been underground up until then was all over the airwaves. Groups such as Green Day, Alice in Chains, and Soul Asylum became superstars. But what does this have to do with now? Well, some latter-day refugees from the heady days of Kurt Cobain are coming to play the Irving Theater. Brothers and sisters, please extend a warm welcome to Centerfolds!

A Brief History

Hailing from Richmond VA, Centerfolds formed in 2013. Thus far, they have released two EPs. And that is all they wish be known.

Their Sound

While not literal refugees from the early ’90s, you nonetheless get the vibe that Centerfolds wish they were. In fact, they would be right at home between Bad Religion and Love Among Freaks on the Clerks soundtrack. This is because they play a very pure sort of pop punk, incorporating little in the way of the innovations made since.

Now, for those not in the know, pop punk is what happens when you take punk but blend a little pop in. That’s the short version anyway. The full explanation goes something like this. Pop punk is what happened when the mainstream began to borrow more directly from punk music, particularly hardcore punk. Pop took punk, kept its abrasiveness, its wild energy, and its lyrical themes, but did away with its simplicity and minimal production. Pop then added melodic hooks, more elaborate production, and a wry humor. As anyone who has been to an American high school can attest, it was very popular with teens.

Centerfolds plays the sound described above completely straight.

So, as always. The venue is the Irving Theater, door’s at 5:30.

See you there!


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