Preview: Ares Reunion Show at the Irving Theater


Next Saturday, January 6th, metal lovers in Indianapolis can rejoice and come together at the Irving Theater in Irvington for the Ares Reunion Show. The concert will feature a full lineup of metal bands to play throughout the night. These include Ares (of course), Vices to Veils, Perceive/Persist, and Sleep Waker.


It’s a bit strange to me that Ares is putting on a reunion show, seeing as how they’re still quite a young band. Ares released their debut album “Fall of the King” in 2016. While Ares is based out of Indianapolis, they’ve toured throughout the Midwest, including Michigan, Kentucky, and Missouri. Ares consists of Kory Rogers (vocals), Colton Martin (guitar, vocals), Collin Morris (bass), Jake Beaman (guitar), and Jameson Richards (drums).

To find out more about Ares you can visit their Facebook page. You can also listen to Ares on Bandcamp.

Vices to Veils

Vices to Veils is a post-hardcore and metalcore band from Indianapolis. The group was founded in 2015, and in the same year released several singles. In 2016, Vices to Veils released their debut EP “Progression”. This past year they released their most recent EP “Exist Expire”. Vices to Veils consists of Alec Harter (vocals), Lanny Randolph (guitar), Josh Redman (bass), and Charlie Callahan (drums).

You can learn more about Vices to Veils by visiting their Facebook or Bandcamp page.


Perceive/Persist is another metalcore band from Indiana. The group has released two singles available to stream on Bandcamp: “Compulsion/Relapse” in 2015, and “Falling” in 2017. Perceive/Persist is currently working on their debut EP, which should come out sometime in the next year. The members of Perceive/Persist are Damian Hyde, Nick Knowles, Andrew Murray, Nick Mohler, and Timothy Rikkers.

You can listen to Perceive/Persist on Bandcamp. To find out more, you can visit their Facebook page.

Sleep Waker

Sleep Waker is a dark hardcore band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Still a relatively young band, they started playing together in 2015 with the release of their first single “Life//Wasted”. In 2017, Sleep Waker released their debut EP “Lost In Dreams”. The members of Sleep Waker are Hunter Courtright (vocals), Jason Caudill (guitar), Eric Overway (guitar), Noah Boland (bass, vocals), and Frankie Mish (drums, vocals). To listen to Sleep Waker, you can visit their Bandcamp page. You can also find Sleep Waker on Facebook.


The Ares Reunion Show at the Irving Theater starts at 6:30 pm Saturday, January 6th. Doors open at 6:00, and tickets are five dollars.


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