Preview: First Friday at the Irving Theater


Next Friday, January 5th is the first Friday of the year as well as the month. Once again, the Irving Theater in Irvington will be putting on a free concert for the occasion. The concert will take place at the 10 Johnson Avenue Coffeehouse, and will also be serving cake, coffee, and tea. The bands to play are Delta Duo, Robot Drawings, Emily Elizabeth Myren, and DnA.

Delta Duo

It won’t be Delta Duo’s first time playing a First Friday show at the Irving Theater. Indeed, they’re one of the regular acts to play nearly every First Friday. Delta Duo consists of Jeffrey John (guitar) and Irina Povarova (violin). The two play pre-WWII Delta blues roots music, mixed with classical Russian violin influences. Some of their biggest influences are Son House, Willie Brown, and Skip James.

To find out more about Delta Duo you can visit their Facebook page.

Emily Elizabeth Myren

Emily Elizabeth Myren is a singer, songwriter, and Indianapolis native. Her music derives from strong folk and indie influences, and mainly features a minimalist setup with Myren’s voice accompanied by acoustic guitar. Myren released her debut EP “Found” in 2014. Since then, she has released another titled, “2017”, three years later.

You can find and listen to Emily Elizabeth Myren on both SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


DnA will be the first act to play at the Irving Theater’s free First Friday show. You may have seen them playing around town before, but their web presence is a bit lacking. Due to this, I’m left with little else to say regarding them. If you know them, you’re probably already coming to the show. If not, they’ll serve as a nice little mystery act.

Robot Drawings

Robot Drawings is another local band you may have seen playing around town. They’ve performed with the likes of the Knot Brothers, Will Scott, and The Hammer and The Hatchet. If you went to the Virginia Avenue Folk Fest, you may have also heard them play.


So if you’re a fan of coffee, cake, music, or all of the above, you’ll want to at least keep this free event in mind when considering your plans next Friday. The show at the Irving Theater starts at 7:00 pm, and will run until 10:00.


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