In the Bollywood Villain’s Den


The Bollywood villain is a person to reckon with. It is always a he and often presented in a frightening getup. Or his persona makes things scary. So may it be the den of Sholey’s Gabbar or Shaan’s Shakaal the story is the same. The hero, heroine and his henchmen come to the den disguised to expose the villain. Or the villain makes the heroine dance on broken glasses a la Sholey. However, the hero always wins and takes away the heroine to safety.

Bollywood Songs Performed in Villain’s Dens: Here are some popular Bollywood songs sung in the villain’s dens:

Yamma yamma… Shaan (1980)

Rang jamake jayenge… Naseeb (1981)

Yeh duniya hai usiki jo ise jhukata hai… Suraksa (1979)

Haan jab tak hai jaan… Sholey (1975)

Anhonie ko honi karde… Amar Akbar Anthony (1977)

Mohabbat yeh mohabbat… Hero (1983)

Hawa Hawaii… Mr. India (1987). Here the enterprising reporter heroine decides to catch villains singlehanded and the invisible hero comes to her rescue. Sridevi’s comic antics are worth a dekho.


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