Raga Gorakh Kalyan

Seema Ranade

This week’s expert is Seema Ranade, who has shared information about Raga Gorakh Kalyan with us, today. She said, “This raga is from the Gorakhpanth. Gorakpanthi people were a community, who were devotees of Lord Shiva. The mood of Raga Gorakh Kalyan is yearning. This raga is sung in the second part of the night from 9 to 12 PM. It belongs to the Khamaj Thaat and Surtar-Audhav Jati.”

Nuances: The other specialities of this raga are Pancham is used less and Mandra or the lower notes of Ni is prolonged. Aaroh has Ga as a higher note and Ni is not taken. It is sa, re, Ga, ma, Dha, sa. The avaroh is sa, Dha, ni, Dha, ma, re, sa. Vadi is Ma and samvadi is Sa.

Bollywood and Raga Gorakh Kalyan: Some examples from Bollywood are:

O Balam tere pyar ki thandi aag mein jalte jalte… Ram Aur Shyam (1967)

Thodi thodi gori hai… Superman (1960)

Ae dil pyar ki manzil… Aas Ka Panchhi (1961)

Yeh mera jeevan… Babu (1985)

Mose chal kiye jaye… Guide (1965)

Dil ki kashti… Palki (1967)


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