Preview: Holiday Home Show at The Hoosier Dome


If you’re sticking around town for the holidays, already have big plans for New Year’s Eve, and you still want something fun to do the night before, look no further. The Hoosier Dome is putting on a holiday show with a large lineup of local acts. Bands to play the night include Small Words, Chad Lehr, My Sweet Fall, Stay Outside, Whale Bones, and Cody Almond.

Chad Lehr

Chad Lehr is a singer and songwriter from Indianapolis who writes a mix of alternative, indie, and pop-rock songs. He has one EP that he released in 2016 called “Songs About Birds”. Lehr’s lyrics are poignant and honest, focusing on themes of both regret and hope. You can find out more about Chad Lehr by visiting him on Facebook or Bandcamp.

Small Words

Small Words is a folk, indie, and pop-rock band from Indianapolis. Their songs often feature melancholy lyrics against more optimistic chord progressions and arrangements. Small Words released their EP “For What It’s Worthless” in 2016. You can listen to it on their Bandcamp page.

My Sweet Fall

My Sweet Fall is a pop-punk band from Indianapolis that formed in 2011. The group consists of Nick Long (vocals), Jack Carroll (guitar, vocals), Bryan Davies (drums), Aaron Lindauer (bass, vocals), and Zach Carroll (guitar, vocals). My Sweet Fall released their most recent EP “The Root of it All” earlier this year. You can find out more about My Sweet Fall by visiting their Facebook page.

Stay Outside

Stay Outside is another indie-rock band from Indianapolis. The group released their debut EP “Okay, For Now” in 2016. You can find Stay Outside on Facebook.

Whale Bones

Whale Bones is a Bloomington-based indie/alternative band. Their debut EP, “The Seaside EP” was recorded in 2014 at Primary Sound Studios in Bloomington. You can listen to “The Seaside EP” on Bandcamp. You can also find out more about Whale Bones by visiting them on Facebook.

Cody Almond

Cody Almond is an indie and pop-punk musician, singer, and songwriter from Indianapolis. His songs also carry a bit of a folk aesthetic with his mostly acoustic arrangements and minimalist style. He released the EP “Lost” in 2014, and “Summer” in 2015. You can listen to both of these on Bandcamp.


So if you’re looking for something to do next Saturday, try out The Hoosier Dome and help support your local Indianapolis artists. The show starts at 6:00 pm on December 30th, and ticket prices range from ten to twelve dollars.


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