And the winner is…”The Voice” finally chooses a season 13 winner


In what turned out to be three hours of singing and spectacle and arguably, filler, “The Voice” showcased its best and brightest and finally arrived at a winner. Despite the hopes and votes of one northeast Indiana city, Addison Agen came in second. Whatever ideas people might have about “second place” the teen is still a winner. The predictions about her were true – – she did have the potential to win “the whole thing.” And she came so close to doing just that.

Before “The Voice” could reveal a winner

There was preamble, lots of it. I would say of the three hours of “The Voice” that aired last night, two of those were probably unnecessary. The time was split between two shows, and the first show was essentially a recap of the previous night’s performances. I’m sure it makes sense to do that on some level. The repeat catches up those folks who hadn’t been watching all season who suddenly want to see what’s going on. In other seasons, I have been part of that group.

The two-hour finale had some interesting performances, including a former contestant who spends his time as a worship leader by day, and a drag queen by night. He actually performed with a small troupe of drag queens. Their performance was one of the night’s best. Although, I did wonder how the singer’s two worlds collided. I wanted to see the documentary of how all this came about. Note: As far as I know, there is no documentary. I just wanted to see one about this singer.

Pharrell Williams and his band along with a very talented dancer who performed wearing little more than luminescent glitter also took viewers’ minds off the tension that accompanied thoughts about who would ultimately win.

True to form, “The Voice” also spent time with singers and coaches in serious and funny conversations. There was also a look back at the top four’s blind auditions. The evolution of some singers’ styles was stunning.

The show edged closer to crowning a winner when coaches Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus came to the stage bearing gifts. The singers were instructed to open their boxes. Inside the glossy containers were keys to brand new Toyotas. Based on the commercials, most viewers probably predicted that gift. The moment reminded everyone that all of the top four were winners. It was nice to see them receive something tangible for their work. That yielded a funny moment when Addison Agen revealed that she didn’t have a permit. The confession drew laughter, and the tension was broken again, briefly.

“The Voice” winner surprises few

The dramatic pauses between the announcement of the place number and the name of the contestant were prolonged and annoying. I was not expecting Red Marlow to come in fourth. I knew someone had to come in “not first place” but I was unprepared for singers to receive their results and leave the stage. Their leaving meant it was over.

After Marlow and Simpson were assigned a rank and departed the stage, two singers were left. And they were the two that everyone, well, mostly coaches and fans online, kept saying would win it all. Thankfully, the show’s coordinators didn’t announce who came in second when it was down to two singers. Carson Daly simply pronounced Chloe Kohanski the winner. And then there was the scene of Kohanski and Agen holding each other, there was glittery confetti, tears, and a trophy. And then, it was all over.

No more viewing parties, no more local reporters who give erroneous advice on how to pronounce “Agen”– well, there will probably still be that, but no talk of song choices and outfits and inspiration.

But, there probably will be talk of demographic representation of winners, and whether or not winners were chosen regardless of voting. Not to mention the discussion of how Kohanski’s alliterative name and rock ‘n’ roll packaging helped her to win.

While I had hoped so hard for Agen’s victory, I saw Kohanski’s No. 1 songs on iTunes as a clear sign that she was resonating with the public in significant ways. Her covers of classics such as “Call Me” and “Total Eclipse of the Heart” illustrated the 23-year-old’s ability to bring back a sound American music had been missing, straight notes and all.

So, “The Voice” is over for another season. Congratulations to both Addison Agen and Chloe Kohanski.


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