Nonsense Words in Bollywood Songs


Little children speak nonsense until they have not got a hold on their language. Whoever thought of using nonsense words for Bollywood songs hit the nail on the head. Nonsense words are often picked up easily by human beings. At the same time, feet-tapping music also works for the songs.

Eena meena deeka… Asha (1957) comes from a children’s playing song – Eeena meena maina mo. Be it C Ramchander’s Eena meena deeka… or the trend-setter Vinod’s Lara lappa lara lappa layi rakhda… Ek Thi Ladki (1949), nonsense words in songs are picked up without any questions about their meaning. Ramayya vastavaiya made the movie Shree 420 (1956) hit the popularity charts. The Telugu words Ramayya vastavaiya was the Andhraite Shankar’s (of Shankar-Jaikishan fame) addition to the lyrics of the song after the unpleasable Raj Kapoor rejected most of the songs the composers made. Needless to say, the song became a hit.

Bollywood Says: Some other examples of songs from Bollywood having nonsense words are:

Yamma yamma…Shaan (1980)

Yahooooooooooo… Junglee (1961)

Hawa Hawai… Mr. India (1987)

Lyricist Sameer’s Ole ole ole… Yeh Dillagi (1994) had also created a big controversy when it was released. Ole ole is a Spanish beckoning call for bulls. At the same time, in Marathi it means wetness.

Tara ri rara ri arari… Dastan (1950)

Aplum chaplum… Azaad (1955)

Tamma tamma loge… Thanedaar (1990)


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