Preview: Cookie Monsta comes to Old National Centre


Make sure to keep Friday, December 29th saved on your calendar. Old National Centre is, and the Indianapolis venue will be waiting until then to welcome U.K. producer Cookie Monsta for a live performance. Joining the show will also be Shy Guy Says, and Firecat 451.

Cookie Monsta

Cookie Monsta is the stage name of the Nottingham, U.K. producer Tony Cook. Signed to Circus Records, Cookie Monsta brings dubstep of the dirtiest kind. His music concentrates on heavy basslines, punchy snares, and pulsing synths. According to his profile on Circus Records, “As a child, Tony spent hours on his brother’s Playstation creating sounds on Music 2000, eventually inspiring him to study music technology for real at college”. This childhood connection to music no doubt influences Cookie Monsta’s style. He sounds like he’s just having fun doing what he’s doing. To find out more about Cookie Monsta, you can visit his Facebook page. You can also listen to Cookie Monsta on SoundCloud.

Shy Guy Says

This next artist takes the inspiration for his moniker from classic video games rather than ’90’s television. The one thing Shy Guy Says and Cookie Monsta both share seems to be a penchant for face-slapping bass. Shy Guy Says’ Facebook profile keeps his identity shrouded in mystery, “…coming straight from the Mushroom Kingdom, an 8-bit villain ready to destroy any party at any time and somehow leave his victims wanting more”. He seems to prefer completely adopting his musical persona for the sake of a more mysterious (or interesting?) presence. Whatever the case, the effect is that you tend to concentrate more on the music than the person behind it, which is probably Shy Guy Says’ intention. You can listen to Shy Guy Says by visiting his SoundCloud page.

Firecat 451

Firecat 451 is a multi-talented DJ, music producer, emcee, and dubstep artist. During his own sets, he live-mixes his music and serves as his own emcee. He blends dubstep with trap and electronic music, weaving in original tracks to his mix playlist. His profile states that “Firecat is known for his ability to dynamically freestyle. Intricate swings between American street poetry and singing chorus’ reminiscent of Seal and Bob Marley”. You can find out more about Firecat 451 by visiting his website. You can also find Firecat 451 on Facebook.


With a wealth of electronic and dubstep talent coming to The Old National Centre next Friday, only the brave seeking the dance will show. Make sure you’re one of those if you don’t want to miss out on what’s sure to be a raging dub-fest. The show starts at 9:00 pm, and ticket prices range from twenty-five to thirty dollars.


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