Preview: Steady Flow & Shady Mayor at The Mousetrap


Next Friday, December 29th, be sure to get on down to The Mousetrap Bar and Grill for some live music and good times. Playing at The Mousetrap next Friday will be the band Steady Flow. They’ll be joined by a local Indianapolis favorite, Shady Mayor. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to be sure to mark December 29th down on your calendar.

Steady Flow

Steady Flow is an independent funk rock band hailing from Peoria, Illinois. When the band formed in 2012, it was only a duo consisting of brothers Tanner and Ky Brown. Since then, the group has grown into a full, six-piece band with a much larger sound. The current members of Steady Flow are Tanner Brown (guitar/talkbox), Ky “Goonie-Mom” Brown (bass), Kendall Smith (drums), Cody “Sensei” Ward (saxophone), Eric Carrillo (trumpet), and Tay Johnson (keys).

According to their website, “Steady Flow released their first EP, “The Oneoff Sessions” in 2013, and their debut album, “Loud.” in June 2015. The band released their newest full length album, “Do You Like That?” in April 2017″.

True to their name, Steady Flow is all about maintaining the groove. Their songs are instrumental rock jams with funky bass lines, steady beats, and bright horns. In the midst of all the other aspiring rock bands out there touting the same sound, Steady Flow is a refreshing change to listen to.

You can find out more about Steady Flow by visiting their website or Facebook page. You can also listen to Steady Flow on SoundCloud.

Shady Mayor

If you aren’t aware of Shady Mayor by now, then you must not be paying that much attention to the Indy music scene. In just the past few weeks, Shady Mayor played shows at both the Melody Inn and the Hi-Fi. It won’t be their first time at The Mousetrap, either. One could even go so far as to say that The Mousetrap is where Shady Mayor found it’s footing as a local band.

While Shady Mayor isn’t a straight-up jam band like Steady Flow, they do often include a healthy dose of jams in their tunes. Also known as a band that can bring elements of both funk and jazz to their sound, Shady Mayor will fit right in with Steady Flow.

Shady Mayor consists of Matt Hoagland (vocals, guitar), Javier Alejandro Perez Serra (saxophone), Owen Welch (guitar), Adam Skinner (bass), and Paul Uhrina (drums). You can find Shady Mayor on Facebook, and listen to them on Bandcamp.


Next Friday is sure to be a solid night at The Mousetrap Bar and Grill. Make sure to get there before the show starts at 10:00 pm. Tickets to the show are five-to-six dollars.


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