Preview: Jomberfox and Blue Moon Revue Annual Holiday Show


Next Tuesday, December 26th, make sure to keep your night open enough to get on down to The Melody Inn for a special holiday show featuring two local Indy bands. Performing on Tuesday night will be Jamberfox and Blue Moon Revue.


Jomberfox is a local Indianapolis rock band that started playing together in 2013. In the same year of their conception as a band, Jomberfox released their debut EP, “Jomberfox EP #1”. Since then, they’ve slowed down a bit, releasing their first full-length album, “Parade” in 2015. In terms of their overall sound, Jomberfox balances melancholy vocals and lyrics with more uplifting guitar melodies and atmospheric uses of both keys and the lap steel. I’d describe them as an unusual mix of Grizzly Bear, Pink Floyd, and Spoon, maybe with a dash of The Shins thrown in there, too.

Jomberfox consists of Nick Vote (guitar, vocals), Alex Kercheval (guitar, keyboard), Andy Salge (bass, vocals), David Sullivan (lap steel, vocals), and Nick Mallers (drums, vocals). You can find out more about Jomberfox by visiting their Facebook page. You can also listen to Jomberfox on Bandcamp.

Blue Moon Revue

Blue Moon Revue is another local Indianapolis band, who got their start back in 1999 when they were all students together at Indiana University. Their website’s bio states that “Blue Moon Revue has toured nationally and shared the stage with many other notable acts such as Santana, Galactic, OK GO and The Meat Puppets to name a few”. Their sound evokes a heavy classic rock vibe mixed with a touch of southern twang in some of their songs featuring slide guitar. Think of loud, stadium rock and roll with a modern twist, and you’ve got Blue Moon Revue.

Blue Moon Review consists of Matthew Marshall (lead/background vocals, guitar), Dave Sullivan (guitar, vocals), Andy Salge (bass, vocals), and John Gray (drums, percussion, vocals).

To find out more about Blue Moon Review, you can visit their website or Facebook page.


Jomberfox and Blue Moon Review’s Annual Holiday Show kicks off at 7:00 pm at The Melody Inn next Tuesday, December 26th. There’s only a five dollar cover charge for the show, so feel free to buy an extra round of drinks while you’re there.


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