Tanya Hennessy: Comedienne explains what keeps her going


By now, you’ve probably heard of Tanya Hennessy, that 31-year-old saucy Aussie made famous by her realistic “Everyday Makeup Tutorial” video on Youtube.

This Canberra based little lady puts the “fun” in dysfunctional and the best part is, we can all relate. Hennessy makes no airs about portraying perfection, which is part of what makes her so relatable. Her schtick is realistic, pointing out the ridiculousness that can be life in various settings. Hennessy has the guts to say what most of us are thinking, but most don’t put a voice to. She’s also fun and not afraid to let us know it.

Tanya Radio

Even with a degree in acting, Hennessy was turned down repeatedly for acting gigs. That is until she became a radio presenter, a position at which she enjoyed co-hosting with Ryan Jon for two years. She has recently left her on-air personality gig to pursue other interests. While we aren’t completely sure what the future has in store for Hennessy, we do know that we can be assured a good laugh.

Tanya ‘Tube

Hennessy has said that she began making her videos nearly three years ago for fun. Although she had a day job, the entertainer in her would not let her rest. She loves to make people laugh and what better way to do that than parody the most awkward situations in the most genuine way possible? From everything to spoofs on eyelash tutorials, to “Things People Say to Kids,” to “Before vs. After Coffee,” Tanya covers the gamut of silliness in a variety of situations.

(Sidenote: her content can be on the mature side at times, so be careful if you are watching with kids in the room. As an adult, I enjoy watching her videos, but the language can be rough and some of her content can be a bit much. Proceed with caution and discernment.)

Body Image

Probably the most important message Tanya gives is that of body image. She doesn’t believe in striving for the plastic, cookie-cutter image that can be the norm for her industry. Hennessy is realistic about life and the food in it. She has mentioned from time to time on her Instagram account that she attempts to eat healthily, but those darn doughnuts keep getting in the way. At the end of the day, she doesn’t get caught up in what she “should” look like or wishes she looked like. She accepts her body the way it is and that gives permission to those watching to accept themselves as they are, as well.

Tanya Strong

Hennessy admits that she is her own worst critic and can trip herself up to the point of being frozen. Being inside her own head for too long can keep her from making videos. But each time the critic inside tries to shut her down, it gives her the determination to move forward whether the work turns out good or bad.

Her advice to the rest of us?

“Shut down that negative self-talk. Listen to that voice that says, ‘you can do it’. You are good enough. You are funny. You are strong. Follow that voice.”


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