Kisika dil lena ho – Asha Bhonsle – Ravi – Minoo Mumtaz | Dilli Ka Thug (1958)


Movie: This song appeared in 1958 New Oriental Pictures’ comic movie Dilli Ka Thug (Trickster of Delhi) produced and directed by S D Narang. The movie starred late Kishore Kumar, late Nutan, late Madan Puri, late Iftekhar, Krishnakant, late Minoo Mumtaz, etc.

Kishore Kumar Sharma (Kishore Kumar) makes money through gambling and tricking others. His mother gets to know about it and confronts him. Thus, he decides to get a job. He is simultaneously wooing Asha (Nutan). In the process, he disguises as a prince and lands in a club to have dinner with Asha and her uncle (Krishnakant). It is at this time that a dancer (Minoo Mumtaz) performs this song at the club.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Majrooh Sultanpuri and the music was composed by Ravi.

The gist of the song is, “If you have to fall in love, continue to smile and sing. Then, observe what happens.”

Video: Cinematography is by G Singh and F C Marconi (Color Photography). Dance choreography is by Suresh Bhatt-Satyanarayan-Sohanlal.

The video opens with Nutan and others on her dinner table turning to look at the dance area. A few large playing cards are shown. Some dancers also hold them in their hands and then, begin to dance without the cards. The 3 girl dancers reject the 3 men and Minoo Mumtaz begins to perform this dance at this time, cheering them up.

Kishore Kumar is in the guise of a prince. Nutan is sitting near Kishore Kumar. Both are enjoying the dance. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as Minoo Mumtaz takes a bow.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Asha Bhonsle and the onscreen performances are by Minoo Mumtaz, Kishore Kumar, Nutan and others.

Cultural Influence: There is some influence of the Arabian culture on this typically filmi song. This can be considered as an item song of those times. The song and the artists are very good. The video is watchable for the same.


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