“Every Day is Christmas” on Sia’s first holiday record


If you haven’t yet heard Sia’s new and very first Christmas album, “Everyday is Christmas,” you are in for a yuletide treat and I ain’t just talkin’ eggnog.

Chock full of retro-pop, and tempered only by the last three songs which seem out of place in an album full of candy-pop music, that give a nod to her usual more serious fare.

The album is definitely more light-hearted than her latest angst-ridden offerings. (Sia, we get you. Sometimes you just need a break from the drama.)

Sia’s “Candy Cane Lane”

Possibly the most adorable (I’m calling it) video in the bunch is her December first release of “Candy Cane Lane.” Sia takes us back to childhood with an almost Claymation-esque Christmas.

This charming animation stars none other than a little girl version of Sia herself..or is that you, Maddie? Not completely sure on that one, but I digress. Our main heroine sports quite a festive ‘do with red and green curly locks, signature eye-covering bangs, and a puppy dog in tow (although it kind of looks like a chocolate peanut butter buckeye instead of a dog…or a wookie…but that’s beside the point).

And, hey, is that the Abominable Snow Monster hiding on the rooftop? No one seems to be able to see him except for the girl and that darn buckeye-wookie dog. He eludes even our little heroine jumping from rooftop to rooftop, then disappearing only to re-emerge at street level and take us on a wild goose chase. His mission? Destroy every Christmas light possible.

Sia fashions a trap out of candy cane yard lights to stop him stomping out their Christmas cheer. Once he gets close enough to her, she tosses a net light into the air and catches him mid-chomp. But, oh, so sad…once she sees him struggling, her smile fades. Perhaps a true-to-life glimpse into Sia’s tender heart.

Our snow monster ultimately escapes, disappearing into the air as nothing more than snowflakes. But the “To be continued” tells us that we haven’t seen the last of him and he’ll be back.

2017, Monkey Puzzle Music, Inc.

All in all, the animation is adorable, as is most of the album. Other titles include “Santa’s Coming for Us,” “Snowman,” and “Snowflake.” All of which lends a very cutesy doo-wop vibe to the record. The album winds down with a few slower tunes but remains true to its positive tone.

You can purchase the full album here on itunes.



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