Preview: The World I Knew at The Hoosier Dome


Next Friday, December 22nd, metal fans and hardcore die-hards are in for another treat at The Hoosier Dome. Playing at the Dome will be metal bands The World I Knew, Titans In Time, Sacrifice the Sun, Dfyance.

The World I Knew

The World I Knew is a metalcore band from Cincinnati, Ohio that fuses their hardcore metal sound with a strong modern rap and hip-hop influence. Their music typically features heavily-distorted guitar riffs, a mix of trap and metal drum beats, and intense rap lyrics mixed with death screams. The World I Knew consists of Alex Guerrero (guitar), Max Guerrero (drums), Wesley Merritt (vocals), Wesley Davis (guitar), and Noah Hines (bass).

To find out more about The World I Knew, you can visit their Facebook page. You can also find and listen to The World I Knew on Bandcamp.

Titans In Time

Titans In Time is a hard rock band with an alternative edge from Cleveland, Ohio. The band has released two EPs and is currently working on their third. Titans In Time consists of Nate Milstein (guitar, vocals), Vince Gillman (vocals), Matt Devonshire (bass), and Matt Bryson (drums).

You can learn more about Titans In Time by visiting their website. You can also find Titans In Time on Facebook.

Sacrifice the Sun

Sacrifice the Sun is a metalcore band from Fairfield, Ohio that formed in 2015. The band uses the sounds of a variety of different influences in order to arrive at their own unique sound. Members of Sacrifice the Sun include Aaron Caldwell (vocals), Traivon Winn (guitar), Jon Nutter (guitar), Aaron Davis (bass), and Bram Huber (drums).

You can find Sacrifice the Sun on Facebook.


Dfyance is a rock and hip-hop group from Indianapolis. Like The World I Knew, Dfyance fuses rap lyrics with a rock sound, but Dfyance leans more toward rock than true hardcore metal. The members of Dfyance include Michael Ellis (vocals), Zachary Hall (guitar), Danielle Turner (drums), and Aaron Smock (drums, sound engineer).

You can find Dfyance on Facebook.


With a good mix of bands of everything that encompasses metal, rock, and more, Next Friday night’s show at The Hoosier Dome is sure to be a good one. Doors open at 6:30 pm next Friday, and the show kicks off at 7:30. Tickets prices range from twelve to fifteen dollars.


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