Preview: Straight No Chaser Speakeasy Tour


This weekend, Indianapolis locals are in for a special treat just in time for the holidays. Performing four shows through Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th will be the male a cappella ensemble Straight No Chaser. Indiana University alumni won’t want to miss out on this one.

Straight No Chaser

Straight No Chaser originally formed on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington in 1996. Since then, they have reassembled and come to be a modern pop phenomenon. Over the years, the group cemented themselves as one that focused mainly on Christmas-themed songs and carols. They gained a supportive and loyal fanbase on the Indiana University campus, and have been growing ever since.

Straight No Chaser’s debut album, “Holiday Spirits” released in 2008, and followed by their 2009 release “Christmas Cheers”. Both albums made it to the top ten on Billboard’s Top Holiday Albums chart. Their most recent album, “With A Twist”, came out in the spring of 2010. This one marked a departure from Straight No Chaser’s Christmas-themed albums of the past. After two more albums in 2013 and 2015, Straight No Chaser returned to their holiday spirit with the 2016 release of “I’ll Have Another…Christmas Album”.

Straight No Chaser’s website states that “When the founders began graduating in 1999 and went on to jobs mostly outside of music, they chose replacements and established SNC as an ongoing group on campus with future generations of ambitious IU undergrads.” Over the years, Straight No Chaser has remained an IU staple. I remember hearing them while I was a student there myself, and they have yet to disappoint.

While Straight No Chaser has changed its lineup over the years, there are a few members who have stuck with the group since its inception. These are Charlie Mechling, Randy Stine, Jerome Collins, David Roberts and Walter Chase.


With two matinee showtimes and two evening shows, there’s really no excuse to miss out on one of the best a cappella ensembles Indiana has ever seen. We all know the new Star Wars is coming out this weekend, but there’s really no excuse to miss out on this one.





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