Preview: Mula Kkhan Album Release at The Hi-Fi


Next Friday, December 22nd, if you aren’t planning on traveling for the holidays, be sure to check out The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square. There, local Indianapolis rap and hip-hop artist Mula Kkhan will be releasing his most recent album. Joining Mula Kkhan at The Hi-Fi will be Txtbook, Grxzz, Swan LAAK, and Nathan Arizona.

Mula Kkhan

Mula Kkhan is a twenty-three-year-old rap artist from the west side of Indianapolis. He is a member of the local Indy rap association See The World Collective. His Facebook profile describes the collective as a “…group of rappers [who] promote not only local music and good vibes but also share their inspiring stories and philosophies with people that hear their music”. Mula Kkhan’s songs often feature electronic beats with dark, new wave, and trap aesthetics. At The Hi-Fi, Mula Kkhan will be performing his new album “Kharma” live. 

To find out more about Mula Kkhan, you can find him on Facebook. You can also listen to Mula Kkhan on Soundcloud.


Txtbook is a local Indianapolis DJ, graphic designer, and event promoter. He has collaborated with both Mula Kkhan and Grxzz. To find out more, you can visit his Facebook page. You can also find Txtbook on Soundcloud.


Grxzz is another local Indianapolis rap and hip-hop artist that will be supporting Mula Kkhan’s album release show at The Hi-Fi Saturday night. He released the album “Digital Bath” earlier this year. You can find and listen to Grxzz on Bandcamp.


I couldn’t find as much information on Swan LAAK as I would have liked. His Facebook profile only has one thing to say about his music. Swan Laak is “a collection of thoughts, visuals, songs, sounds and aesthetics meant to live forever on the Internet”. To find out more, I guess you’ll just have to see him live.

Nathan Arizona

Nathan Arizona is an Indianapolis rap and hip-hop artist who has been making music since 2012. Some of his singles include “Shorts in the Winter” and “Rob Zombie”. You can find out more about Nathan Arizona by visiting his website. You can also find him on Facebook and Soundcloud.


The album release show at The Hi-Fi starts at 8:30 pm, and the doors open at 7:30. Tickets to the show are seven dollars.


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