Preview: Shady Mayor, The Indigos at The Hi-Fi


This Saturday, December 16th, be sure to get on down to The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square for another night of music with some local Indianapolis bands. Shady Mayor and The Indigos will be there, along with The Trees.

Shady Mayor

I’ve seen Shady Mayor play before. It was a few weeks ago at The Melody Inn, and they played a great show to a packed house. They’re a fun band to see live, as they like to jam, but don’t let themselves get carried away, like so many jam bands do. Shady Mayor consists of Matt Hoagland (vocals, guitar), Javier Alejandro Perez Serra (saxophone), Owen Welch (guitar), Adam Skinner (bass), and Paul Uhrina (drums). Javier Alejandro Perez Serra’s jazzy sax is one of the elements of Shady Mayor that stands out the most to me. It gives them a nice, smooth sound that melds well with their overall sound. If you want to find out more about Shady Mayor, you can visit their Facebook page.

The Indigos

The Indigos is an indie-groove band from Muncie, Indiana. This seven-piece band brings in a wide variety of styles in their live performances. These include rock, indie, pop, jazz, blues, alternative, and funk. The Indigos consists of Matt Melen (vocals, guitar), Derek Hutchinson (vocals, guitar), Maci Hayes (vocals, guitar), Caitlynn Fox (vocals), Tyler Harris (sax, guitar), Brett Schall (bass), and Bruno Cabrera (percussion). With as much diversity as a group like The Indigos brings, you’re sure to find something in them at Saturday’s show.

You can find out more about The Indigos by visiting their website. You can also find The Indigos on Facebook.

The Trees

If you read my review of their show at The Melody Inn, you’ll know that The Trees and Shady Mayor have played together before. While Shady Mayor reigns in their jam band vibes, The Trees embraces their own. Their music typically features reverb-laced guitar melodies that trade-off with the vocals, solid grooves, and an overall atmospheric tone. The Trees consists of Dan Stempky (rhythm guitar, vocals), Riley Castellano (lead guitar), Will Bright (bass), and Luke Farrow (drums).

To learn more about The Trees, you can find them on Facebook. You can also listen to some of their songs for free on Bandcamp.


The show at The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square kicks off at 9:00 pm, with the doors opening at 8:00. Tickets to the show are seven dollars.


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