Preview: Robin Goodfellow and Mike Angel at Square Cat Vinyl


This Friday, December 15th, The Square Cat Vinyl in Fountain Square, Indianapolis will be throwing a musical birthday celebration for two local Indianapolis musicians. Robin Goodfellow and Mike Angel will both play a set Friday night. Goodfellow is also releasing his new EP, “What Would You Enkidu?” on the same night.

Robin Goodfellow

On his Facebook profile page, Robin Goodfellow describes himself as “A Shakespearean Trickster who needs a vacation”. What that tells us about him as a musician can only be inferred. He’s a local indie artist with an apparent penchant for both whimsy and drama. He performs with a backing band consisting of guitar, bass, keys, drums, and auxiliary percussion.

In order to give you all a better idea of what to expect for his performance on Friday night, I had to do a little digging. I visited his Bandcamp page and listened to a few of his songs there. While Goodfellow sits comfortably in the indie genre, there are elements of several different musical styles in his songs. Touches of funk and groove, psychedelic guitar effects, and periodic wind instruments find their way onto multiple tracks. Goodfellow also brings a healthy dose of a punk aesthetic to his songs with his vocal delivery. It’s both refreshing and full of a wild sort of energy, and I can imagine he’ll put on a fun live performance.

Mike Angel

You may recognize Mike Angel for a number of reasons. For one, he is a co-owner of Square Cat Vinyl, which no doubt helped him in booking the venue. Angel is also the organizer and founders of the Virginia Avenue Folk Fest. Thirdly, he is the singer and guitarist for the Indianapolis bluegrass band Bigfoot Yancey. His performance on Friday will include members of Bigfoot Yancey, so you can be sure to expect a healthy dose of Americana and bluegrass with an indie touch.


If these two acts alone aren’t enough to convince the skeptical to attend, the waved cover charge for the night should be. The show at Square Cat Vinyl kicks off at 8:00 pm with Mike Angel taking the stage first. Robin Goodfellow will come on at 9:00, and the doors open at 7:00.



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