Preview: Obtuse December at The Pioneer


“Obtuse” is a periodic dance night hosted by the Pioneer that used to occur every Thursday night, but now seems to be a monthly event at the Fountain Square venue. This month’s Obtuse show will feature Cairo Jag, Mememoremee, and Drake Strange.

Cairo Jag

Cairo Jag is a three-piece rock and roll band from Indianapolis. Their lineup consists of members Nolan Schockman (drums, vocals), Curt Turner (guitar, vocals), and Vince Farley (bass). While Cairo Jag considers themselves a rock n’ roll group, their sound seems almost closer to punk. Maybe it’s the raw sound that they bring to their songs or the stripped-down effect a classic three-piece setup has. Cairo Jag hasn’t been around for long, but in 2017 alone they’ve managed to release three separate demos, an impressive feat for any band.

You can listen to Cairo Jag by visiting their Bandcamp page. You can also find Cairo Jag on Facebook.


On the first impression, Mememormee may seem like just a bunch of nonsense. Even their Facebook’s profile seems to just be spouting gibberish. The only thing listed when you visit is under their “About” section: “beetles and eggs and blues. beetles and eggs and blue and pour little everything else.”. It seems pretty clear that Mememormee wants to incite some curiosity in any potential new fans, or maybe it’s just to give the music a listen, and ignore everything else. Mememormee is a techno artist who seems to have a penchant for hypnotic, trance-like beats and atmospheric synth pads. You can give Mememormee a listen for yourself on Soundcloud.

Drake Strange

Drake Strange is another local Indianapolis artist appearing at Obtuse this month at The Pioneer. Like Mememormee, Strange makes electronic music but is more of a DJ and mixer than a disciple of techno. His music locks into you one groove, carries you for awhile on it, until before you know it, you’ve already moved on and are in something else entirely. Since Obtuse is a night for dance music, Drake Strange will fit right in. You can also find and listen to Drake Strange on Soundcloud.


As an added bonus to the night, Obtuse will be a free event, so you can save that money for the cover charge and buy an extra round for a friend. Obtuse at The Pioneer kicks off at 10:30 pm, and will go well into the night for all you dance fiends out there.

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