Bjork releases music video for “Utopia” from latest album


Bjork has been busy the last few weeks releasing a string of music videos for her latest album “Utopia.” The newest video is for the title track from the record, and builds upon the worlds she created inside “Blissing Me” and “The Gate.” In the film for “Utopia,” we enter into a pink-tinged fantasy world that seems to brim with life. Flutes float off somewhere in the distance as strange sounds ebb and flow within the song. Occasionally a synthetic wail enters that sounds something like a baby’s cry by the time it peters out.

The rich, surreal world of Bjork’s video feels like an acid-fueled trip through Alice in Wonderland. Giant mushroom-like towers gleam off in distance, surrounded by the orange-pink haze of the sky. A group of flute players, which includes Bjork in makeup that enhances her eyes into big dark orbs, frolic and play in the fantasy land.

It’s a world that’s hard to describe. There are Warm colors, sea-like coral spewing glitter, a landscape that looks like lumps of play-doh layered with glowing plants, and magical animals exploring it all. Bjork’s voice rings out above the enchanting scene.

“Bird species never seen or heard before
The first flute carved from the first fauna

It’s not elsewhere
Let’s purify

You assigned me to protect our lantern
To be intentional about the light

It isn’t elsewhere
It’s here”

Bjork speaks of the utopia that all humans have dreamt of. It almost seems part of being human, to imagine a world better than our own, where suffering and pain are nonexistent and people live in perfect harmony with nature and each other. If one looks, they can find writings and poems and art that explore this idea, often in an idealized hope that glitters with the pitfall of unrealized dreams.

The video and lyrics to this title track speak heavily to the themes of Bjork’s latest album “Utopia.” Connection with nature and the beautiful glow of love tempt us into the idea that our utopia is some other place where those things exist without end, where people connect with the earth completely, and where we are safe from the fear and alienation that sadly seems an integral part of being a modern human.

At the end of the video, the utopian land is seen from far away, a floating island of beauty with a glowing sun behind it. Bjork pleads with us in the song’s last verse, hoping we can “purify” what we have left of the earth.

“My instinct has been shouting at me for years
Saying, “Let’s get out of here!”
Huge toxic tumour bulging underneath the ground here
Purify, purify, purify, purify toxicity”



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