Sabrina Carpenter explores “Why” opposites attract in her new single


Sabrina Carpenter brings together the impossible in her new song “Why.”

Two people couldn’t be more different in this story and yet they stay together effortlessly. “Why?” you ask? (Pun obviously intended).

Variety is the spice of life — or at least that’s how her actor “boyfriend” explains it in the video. The video begins by letting us in on a disagreement between the couple. Not really a disagreement, more of a playful bantering back and forth about horror movies, which the guy says he “hates.” Sabrina responds by basically telling him to hit the road. The way she says it, we kind of think she’s kidding — but kind of not sure.

The guy, God bless ‘im, puts her in her place by telling her not to be so superficial. He then likens their relationship to that of salt and pepper of all things. “Doesn’t look like we go together, but everybody knows that we belong — together.” Brave words indeed to direct at someone so feisty. That pretty much shuts her up. Boldness for the win.

The song goes on to describe complete opposites in everything, in every way possible. Every single thing the one likes, the other has an aversion to. Every. Single. Thing.

So, what is the secret to success in this relationship?

Perhaps the key lies in the words to the pre-chorus:

“I don’t ask for you to change // baby no no no
// And you don’t ask for me to change”

The two simply accept each other as they are, no strings attached. No incessant nagging. Just, you be you and I’ll be me and we’ll be just fine.

Even though the two are so completely different, they aren’t demanding of each other in the little things. Perhaps that is the secret to successful love.

Certainly, there are times where it is appropriate to call the big things out. Remember, he wasn’t afraid to confront her when it came to the nuts and bolts of their relationship. But the little things simply don’t need to matter. They can even be the things make the other person in the relationship even more endearing to us.

Photo by Hollywood Records, 2017, via Wikipedia

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