Migrating to Florida- Has Puerto Rico Been Forgotten?


Puerto Rico- forgotten?

With the holidays right around the corner, everyone is busy shopping and decorating. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most Puerto Ricans.  Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico around September 16 through October 3rd leaving several residents devastated. They lost their homes, loved ones, investments, and much more. The members of the community have migrated to Florida in search of jobs and stability.

Some will temporarily live in Florida until they have sufficient funds to rebuild their homes. Others will reside permanently stating there are opportunities in Florida that are unavailable in Puerto Rico. Many who have migrated to the motherland, are in search of the American dream: jobs, homes, health, and stability.

Several have relocated to Florida, but there is still a significant number of people making the best of what they can. Half of Puerto Rico were without power for 3- 4 months after the Hurrican hit and are struggling to get back up. Keep in mind that Texas and Florida received help from the US. They were/can recover because of supplies and support sent over from the White House; it seems like this is not the case for Florida.

For this Christmas, I will be donating to a charity in hopes that it will help those families in need. There is speculation of debt in Puerto Rico being dismissed; this is the hopes of Puerto Rican Ambassador Lin Manuel Miranda. He, along with many artists has also created several videos with short pieces written primarily to raise awareness for Puerto Rico.



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