Lindsey Stirling’s “sterling” new Christmas album


Dancing violinist Lindsey Stirling seems to defy the laws of music theory, gravity, and physics all at the same time. Her ability to easily swirl around her violin and effortless play the instrument simultaneously will leave you awestruck or at the very least saying, “how does she do that??”

Lindsey’s musical performances can be described as none other than poetry in motion. Through balletic-inspired dance, she brings the music to life, notes leaping into the air with every pirouette. Now she sets her musical dance to a new story of the Christmas kind.

This violinista’s new Christmas album “Warmer in the Winter” has everything from upbeat pop-driven holiday songs to contemplative classics.

But she doesn’t keep the spotlight to herself. Lindsey shares the holiday fun on her album with artists Sabrina Carpenter, Becky G, Trombone Shorty, and Alex Gaskarth.

Want a sneak peak of the album? Look no further than Lindsey’s channel on Youtube. There you can find three of the 13 songs from the album including “Carol of the Bells,” “Christmas C’mon” feat. Becky G, and “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Lindsey once again takes us into a fantasyland with her extravagant costumes and otherworldly sets.

First of all, in her video for “Carol of the Bells,” she does just that. Thematically, it is a more stripped down version than her norm. The cool tones of the season are highlighted, containing simple blues and bright, natural winter light. You can “feel” the snow in the air. Lindsey delivers this classic holiday song with a modern elegance and grace, as only she can.

For “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy,” Lindsey takes us back into a magical wintry land for another video. This time in a much more theatrical fashion. Lindsey appears as the snow queen herself in the beginning and then transitions into a warmer spring-like vibe with soft pinks and corals. The video has a dream sequence effect as we are taken from winter to the promises of spring in one sitting.

The album as a whole is fresh, creative, and fun, with just enough highs and lows to keep things interesting.

Lindsey Stirling puts her own creative twist on classics such as “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “Silent Night.” She then throws us a curveball with effervescent pop sounds in “Time to Fall in Love.” We can even find an old-fashioned ’40’s Christmas set to the swingy tune of the album’s namesake song “Warmer in the Winter.” With a little bit of something for everyone, this album is sure to become a beloved holiday favorite.

Former holiday works include Stirling’s hauntingly beautiful 2015 rendition of “Hallelujah”, which set the stage for the album to come. She goes back to her roots with this one. No fancy dancin’. No elaborate costuming. Just a girl and her violin in the subway. Waiting for her ship to arrive…and boy did it ever.

Stirling is currently taking the show on the road with her “Warmer in the Winter Christmas Tour.” We are promised an event not soon to be forgotten with her live performances as noteworthy as what we’ve seen on screen.

Photo by Karla4828, 2015, via Mexico

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