Beck dazzles the Jimmy Fallon audience


Riding off the energy of his newest release “Colors,” Beck made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon to give the audience a little taste of one of his latest songs. The tune is “Up All Night,” an energetic track that channels the feeling of childlike wonder and affection we had as a kid, a nostalgic (partly fantasy) time when life was innocent and easy. He washes that feeling in the sort of exuberant dance pop that gets people out of their seats and up on the dance floor. He keeps the lyrics simple and the feeling light:

“When you get the rhythm and words all make you cold
When they break it down and this world is all you know
Hands up, you’re working it ’round
Now get yourself together
When you count the dominos fall, it’s time to go
Now I’m feeling so far away
I see the colors and all the kids going home
Night is crawling into the day
I hear my voice ringing
The summertime’s singing
Just wanna stay up all night with you”
Beck’s music aims to shed the weight of society and embrace that feeling we all want to, that feeling of wanting to stay up all night with somebody. We all want to throw caution to the wind and really express ourselves, but society forces us to squash that feeling. That’s why Beck’s music could be the key to break you free. He’s practically begging you to get up and dance.
What is most surprising about “Up All Night” and “Colors” as a whole, is this new style that Beck has completely dived into. The man who was once the face of anti-pop and grungy folk has completed a full journey to end up as exactly the thing he rebelled against as an up-and-coming musician. “Up All Night,” not surprisingly, sounds nothing like “Loser” way back from 1994,” nor does Beck want it to. For better or worse, the musician has fully embraced the fantasy world of dance pop.
Just take some more lyrics from the song:
“1, 2, what you doing?
I’ve been jumping through some hoops
Wanna get my body loose
Wanna tell you, tell you what to do
I’ve been running out of breath like an animal struggling
Looking for a diamond
I’m trying, I’m fighting
Back into the rhythm now”
Backed by the respect he carries with him, Beck’s in-your-face and off-the-wall pop music might be just outlandish enough to work. Watching him dance around like a ten year old hyped on too much sugary soda still makes me feel strange, but I still vibe with energy. Between fist pumps and silly lyrics, “Up All Night” does have some intriguing elements to it. Maybe I just need to get out on the dance floor and then it’ll make more sense to me, lost completely in the rhythm.
“Colors” is out now, and you can watch the music video for “Up All Night” below. If anything, hope it gets you on the dance floor.

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