Wade Bowen releases new single “Day of the Dead”




Wade Bowen released a new single this week that is an interesting addition to his catalog. It is a Mariachi-inspired tune called “Day of the Dead.” It features some elements of Spanish music, like an accordion and a horn section.

The new single is included on Bowen’s upcoming album, which according to Rolling Stone, the singer is calling his “Texas album.” Titled “Solid Ground” the album is due out in February. However, to give us a taste of the upcoming music, Bowen has released “Day of the Dead.”

It’s an interesting song. Bowen added a lot of the Southern Texas sounds you would expect to hear from a singer from that neck of the woods. More than likely, this is the type of music we will hear throughout the remainder of the album.

Keith Gattis produced the album and is also responsible for writing “Day of the Dead.” Many of the other songs on the album, Gattis, and Bowen wrote together in the studio. According to Saving Country Music, Bowen worked hard on this album and is very proud of it.

“Saying ‘this is my Texas album’ seems like an obvious statement from a guy who’s sweated it out in as many beer halls as I have … but Gattis pushed me harder on my writing than I’d ever been challenged before,” Bowen said. “Each morning, he and I got to the studio hours before the band to write, so the album’s sound was unfolding organically as we were recording it which unified the mood and grit of the whole thing.”

It sounds like it is going to be a great album.

Bowen’s had a few music releases over the years. He released a self-titled record back in 2014 and a gospel record in 2016. He also worked with Randy Rogers to release a collaboration album in 2015. However, this will be his first major piece of music.

Later this year, Bowen will hit the road with Randy Rogers and Kip Moore as part of the “Tall Tales and the Truth Tour.” He also plans to appear at The Music Fest in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in January, which is something he does annually. Hopefully, we will soon be hearing news of a headlining tour later next year after Bowen releases this new album.


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