Sporty Bollywood!


Human beings have been enchanted with sports and games from the beginning of documented history. There are several varieties of sports and games like outdoor and indoor games, board games, gymnastics, athletics, ground sports, water sports, air sports, etc. today. Every sport has a set of rules and they have to be followed. With the advent of computer technology, every second began to count in the race. More recently, I have seen a lack of sporting spirit in several sportsmen, which is a bad thing for the sports field.

It’s all in the Game for Bollywood: Here are some interesting sporty songs from the Hindi film industry that motivate even in real life:

Chuk de chuk de India… Chuk De India! (2007) encourages you to move toward your intended goal. The romantic Dhal gaya din… Humjoli (1970) says that the heroine is getting late to return home, in a sporty setting. Fun song Pakdo pakdo pakdo… Naseeb (1981) also motivates us to work hard toward our goal. Though the next song is intended to motivate a soldier in the movie, it also talks about how a sportsman can achieve his target. Haan yahi rasta hai tera… Lakshya (2004)

In this song, Aamir Khan inspires other people from his village to join him in the cricket match with the British – Chale chalo… Lagaan (2001). Very motivating songs these! Koyla kaala hai… Bhag Milkha Bhag! (2013), Nahin samjhe hain woh hamien… Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikander (1992) and Dil yeh ziddi hai… Mary Kom (2014)

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