Randy Travis loses lawsuit to block video release


After months of trying to keep it away from the public, Randy Travis finally lost his lawsuit regarding his 2012 arrest video. A judge finally denied his request to keep the video private and authorities released it to the public this week.

Part of the reason Travis hoped to keep the video private stemmed from the fact that he was naked throughout it. In 2012, the country music singer crashed his vehicle and somehow wound up lying naked in the street. This was after Travis had been drinking a substantial amount of alcohol.

After the video was released, his rep talked to Fox News about it.

“Randy’s behavior was extremely altered the evening of his arrest due to the state of his mental health, and substances in his body, causing him to do and say things that were entirely out of character,” the rep states. “He suffered a severe concussion and sustained numerous other injuries from the crash.”

However, Randy did not want to make light of his actions. Instead, his rep stated that “Randy is deeply apologetic for his actions that evening. A man of integrity with a good heart, Randy does not and will never condone these types of actions that distort the true beliefs of Randy Travis and his entire family.”

You can read the full statement from Randy Travis, his family and his representative, here.

Sadly, Travis’s health only went downhill after the accident and subsequent arrest. In 2013, Travis suffered a stroke due to congestive heart failure and required surgery to relieve pressure on his brain. The stroke was nearly fatal, and the singer has never fully recovered. He can now say a few words and walk a few steps, but mostly he gets around via a wheelchair.

Earlier this year, the world of country music honored the singer with an all-star tribute. Stars like Chris Young, Jamey Johnson, and Garth Brooks, among others, sang in the seven-time Grammy winner’s honor.


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