Eddie Montgomery announces Montgomery Gentry tour for 2018


Just a few short months following his long-time singing partner’s death, Eddie Montgomery is hitting the road to tour again. This will be the first time in his career that Montgomery has toured without Troy Gentry.

The upcoming tour will be a celebration of sorts. It will mark the 20th year anniversary of the country music duo and will be a tribute to Gentry in many ways. Montgomery even plans to continue touring as Montgomery Gentry to further honor his good friend.

Since Gentry’s death on Sept. 8, Montgomery has released a new single featuring Gentry on the lead vocals. “Better Me” was a tune the duo planned to release as part of their upcoming album, due out next year. After Gentry’s death, Montgomery felt as though it was the perfect way to honor his good friend and partner in the music industry.

Of course, Gentry’s death took a significant toll on both Montgomery, Gentry’s family and the world of country music in general. It took several weeks for Montgomery to speak publicly about his friend’s death and how it was affecting him.

Finally, he opened up in a November issue of People magazine about his loss, “It was a horrific day; my world changed as much as the band did. It is something that you never get over. It is going to be in my mind and soul for the rest of my life.”

The 2018 tour will kick off on Jan. 19 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It is likely numerous fans will show up at this concert to pay their respects to the popular country music duo. It will also be an emotional day for everyone, especially Montgomery. The tour will continue throughout the United States and hit cities in Georgia, Indiana, California, and other states. Learn more about the tour dates, here.


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