Bansuriya bole – Asha/Rafi – C Ramchander – Bina/Dev | Insaniyat (1955)


Movie: This song appeared in 1955 costume drama Insaniyat (Humanity) directed and produced by S S Vasan. The movie starred Dilip Kumar, late Dev Anand, late Bina Rai, late Shobhana Samarth, late Jayant, Agha, Mohana, Zippy, etc.

The movie begins with King Zangoora’s soldiers destroying the market by throwing out all the produce and breaking wares on sale. A village girl Durga (Bina Rai) appears from nowhere and slaps the commander Bhanu Pratap (Dev Anand) for what he was doing. As a result, Bhanu Pratap stops the destruction, despite his deputies warning him that Zangoora would not be happy. Bhanu Pratap arrives and argues with Zangoora that the subjects should not be tortured. Otherwise, disaster was awaiting him. Zangoora does not agree and leaves.

Bhanu Pratap leaves his soldier’s headgear and knife and goes away on his horse as a rebel. He is initially not accepted by the people for whom he had rebelled. But, Mangal (Dilip Kumar) and others come to his rescue as Bhanu Pratap had recently saved the life of Durga from a raging bull.

Zangoora gets the news that Bhanu Pratap has got settled in the village and is training the villagers against the oppressor. Mangal is in love with Durga, but cannot talk about his love to her. On the other hand, Durga has fallen in love with Bhanu Pratap. Mangal’s mother (Shobhana Samarth) realizes that he is in love with Durga and visits her father to arrange his son and Durga’s marriage. She returns home and informs her son, who is happy about it. But, when Durga’s father apprises his daughter about the alliance, she becomes sad. Her father realizes that she is in love with Bhanu Pratap. It’s anybody’s guess, how he gets to know. He tells her that he will marry her to Bhanu Pratap only. She is elated and runs out to inform Bhanu Pratap about it.

A friend of Mangal informs him that Durga and Bhanu Pratap are together and he comes to confront Bhanu Pratap. But, when Durga insists that she loves Bhanu Pratap, Mangal decides to back out and arranges for Durga and Bhanu Pratap to get married. The day they are being married, Zangoora’s soldiers attack the village. The villagers’ combined effort under the able leadership of Bhanu Pratap is successful in making the attackers run away from there.

Milkman Bhola (Agha) is thrown into the jail because he was in love with a girl from Zangoora’s palace. Bhola’s jail-mate is a gorilla called Zippu (Zippy). Zippu becomes friends with Bhola. Bhola escapes from the prison, with the help of his girlfriend Chameli (Mohana). Zippu also escapes from the prison. Bhanu Pratap finds Bhola and Zippu selling sweets on the streets and welcomes them in his new-found community.

Durga and Bhanu Pratap marry at the next auspicious time and she gives birth to a child. Zangoora sends some spies to the village. Despite warning from Bhanu Pratap, the villagers decide to celebrate an impending festival at a hill-temple outside the fortress. Zangoora also gets this message and decides to attack them when they are not ready. They are actually a sitting duck in front of Zangoora’s army. The next shot shows the beginning of the festivities where Bhanu Pratap, Durga, Bhola and Mangal sing this song with others.

Song: The lyrics of this song were penned by Rajinder Kishan and the music was composed by C Ramchander.

The gist of the song is, “The flute is singing. It creates beautiful music. The music makes us sway in a trance. Through the flute’s music Lord Krishna beckons Radha. But, naïve Radha does not understand his gestures. The flute’s music has His heart’s message. Finally, Radha went to meet Him on the banks of River Yamuna.”

Video: The director of photography is P Ellappa. Dance choreography is by Bhasker Roy Chowdhury.

The video opens with several men playing the dhols. The men begin to dance. There are some other men playing other musical instruments. Dev Anand and Bina Rai are seen performing with poi kal kudharai (a folk dance form of Tamil Nadu).

Agha and Dilip Kumar are performing karagattam (another folk dance form from Tamil Nadu). Dev Anand does not have the distinct style, he is known for. Perhaps, he developed it later. Soon, the song and the video end with the villagers rejoicing.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Asha Bhonsle and Mohammad Rafi and the onscreen performances are by Dev Anand, Bina Rai, Dilip Kumar, Agha and others.

Cultural Influence: This typically filmi song is sung by the hero and the heroine in elation. There is ample reference to the legendary eternal love of Radha and Lord Krishna. There also a lot of folk influence from Tamil Nadu on the song, perhaps because the filmmakers are from that state of India. The song and the artists are very good. The video is watchable for the same.

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