Olafur Arnalds shares trailer for new video series “All Strings Attached”


Pianist and composer Olafur Arnalds has shared the trailer of a new video series with the world. Before he embarks on what he calls his most “ambitious’ tour ever, Arnalds has decided to turn the experience into a video series he is calling “All Strings Attached.”

As Arnalds and his collaborators put together music for the tour, fans will be able to watch the process on each new episode. In the trailer for the series, we get a sneak peek into what we can expect to see and hear in future episodes.

Throughout the video, Arnalds describes his favorite parts of making art and collaborating  with others, touching on new technologies (one of them a generative piano device he’s been developing) he’ll be utilizing to create new sounds, as well as the people helping him along the way. Arnalds will tour with a drummer for the first time, and will also travel with a group of string players, whose parts will be developed over the next few months, which the video series will document.

Commenting on the power of playing live concerts, Arnalds touched on what makes creating music in front of an audience so special:

“I love the idea of something just being a moment. A unique moment that you cannot repeat later. For me, playing live and, you know, playing these concerts, is inviting people to come into a room, sit down, turn off their phone, and commit to that moment in time.”

The first episode of “All Strings Attached will premier in January, as Arnalds and his band prepare to set off on tour in May of next year. As the artist puts together a larger and more intricate show than ever before, he speaks to what it means to be a musician that also directs the sound of a full band, helping each individual musician contribute to the whole experience:

“My favorite thing about being an artist is being, kind of, an art director in a way, or a creative director. Not trying to do everything yourself, but, I think there’s a lot of art in finding the right people for the right things. This is where collaboration comes in, and I think that whole dynamic, that’s the most fun part of making art.”



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