EP Review: Stalley’s “Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil”


Stalley’s latest, “Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil”, is a solid collection of thump to go along with his trademark style.

“Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil”

This EP is Stalley’s third major release of 2017. Of the three projects, this one is the least varied in terms of subject matter. “New Wave” was Stalley’s completely independent effort: no features and no affiliation with a major label. It represented a new direction in Stalley’s career. “Another Level”, the first album released this year, had some introspective Stalley moments. His track describing his relationship with Rick Ross comes to mind.

“Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil” isn’t about that. It’s seven tracks that rattle with solid production (all by Supah Mario) and catchy one liners. My current favorite line: “Aiesha got the cookbook, no curry/My kids livin’ good now, no worry.”

More than meets the eye…

Actually the lyric mentioned above comes from a song, “Jean Jacket”, that kind of disproves everything I’ve said about this album. Stalley has the ability to take songs that might be a little short on substance and infuse them with meaning. That’s why the opening track, “1 Deep (Solo)”, doesn’t come off as a run-of-the-mill song about making it against all odds. Stalley puts something extra into it. That extra might just be experience.

The opening track is a reference to Stalley’s recent shift away from major labels. His career has seen ups and downs, but he has cultivated a fan base and respect. “New Wave” had no features by choice. “Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil” has a couple of features, also by choice. The profile of those features speaks to the respect Stalley has earned. For example “My Line” features the Migos. That’s not a small get.

(A side note: “My Line” hits. I can’t say I approve of the content, but the track reminds me a lot of that Dave East & Wiz Khalifa joint “Phone Jumpin.” That’s a good thing.)

Bottom Line

This is more solid work from Stalley. He had been releasing steadily the last few years but his 2017 has been prolific. “Tell the Truth: Shame the Devil” is a solid addition to an impressive year’s work.

Grade: 3.5/5



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