“The Addison Effect” continues in “The Voice” hopeful’s hometown


Even before Addison Agen was the second contestant saved during tonight’s episode of “The Voice,” businesses in Fort Wayne have been showing their support for the singer and in some cases, offering patrons deals if they can prove that they voted for Agen or bought her song on iTunes. The excitement that Agen inspires in local residents is called “The Addison Effect.”

“The Voice” eliminates two singers

Each week, fans of “The Voice” grow nervous anticipating which singer will be voted off. Tonight’s elimination saw two singers going home. The youngest singer, Shia Ann, and country singer, Ashland Craft, did not survive being in the bottom three after last night’s voting. The two were voted off. Davon Fleming of Team Jennifer was saved after this evening’s performance. That takes the number of contestants down to eight.

With two of the three singers from Team Jennifer, it looked as though the team would be down to one, as any of the two had the potential to get voted off. However, as fortune would have it, that didn’t happen. Team Jennifer is down to two singers. Once again, Agen was the second singer saved.

Fort Wayne businesses urging patrons to watch “The Voice” and vote for Addison Agen

So far, hometown support seems to be helping Agen. Viewing parties – – official and informal, have sprung up around town in various homes. In addition, businesses have begun reminding residents to vote for the teenage singer. Notices urging support for Agen can be seen on huge signs and marquees. Paint the Town Graphics and El Azteca Mexican restaurant are two businesses that want people to vote for Agen. Bravas Burgers, 3412 Fairfield Ave., has done more than signage. The company was offering a ten percent discount on anyone’s order who could prove that he or she had voted for Agen. Any patron with proof of having purchased Agen’ s music on iTunes would get 50 percent off a burger. Agen has reportedly stated that Bravas’ burgers are her favorite.

While nothing is definite, Agen’s chances of winning remain high. Regardless of what happens, the city that wants to be a small town, Fort Wayne, Indiana, will never forget the year it supported a young singer with an engaging voice.

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