Antidote Tour w/ Daedelus at The Hi-Fi


This Friday, December 8th, come on down to The Hi-Fi in Fountain Square, Indianapolis for another great concert to kick off the weekend. Daedelus will be there, making a stop on his Antidote Tour. Also performing at The Hi-Fi will be Free the Robots, and Mono/Poly.


Daedelus (also known as Alfred Darlington), is an electronic music producer from Los Angeles, California. With a penchant for historical romanticism, Daedelus is most interesting for the way in which he fuses this aesthetic with contemporary electronic music. According to his website, his 2014 release, “The Light Brigade” is influenced by The Crimean War of 1853-56. With a flair for the dramatic, it states that “The ghosts of war reverberate into the present in this deeply moving meditation on mortality”.

Daedelus also sports a large collection of finished work, with over two dozen albums and collaborations to his name. He also composed the soundtrack for the award-winning, pixelated video game Nidhogg.

No two live performances by Daedelus are the same. Using an open-source software that allows for freedom and improvisation, Daedelus also features a backdrop assembled of moving mirrors, reflecting the audience’s image back to themselves.

You can find out more about Daedelus by visiting his Facebook page. You can also listen to Daedelus for free on Soundcloud.

Free the Robots

Free the Robots is the solo project of electronic music producer, beat-maker, and DJ Chris Alfaro from Santa Ana, California. His music fuses together a myriad of styles and genres, including jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic, and electronic music. Many of his songs feature audio samples and echoing melodies or wavering bass lines. The effect is simultaneously hypnotic, disorienting, and captivating.

To learn more about Free the Robots, you can visit Alfaro’s website or Facebook page. You can also find Free the Robots on Bandcamp.


Mono/Poly is Charles Dickerson, a Los Angeles-based music producer who, like his accompanying acts on theĀ Antidote Tour, plays with mashing up different musical styles and genres in his compositions. His songs tend to feature heavy bass, atmospheric soundscapes, and hip-hop beats mixed with sampled audio tracks. His songs have been featured on the Grand Theft Auto 5 soundtrack, and he has also done work with artists like Thundercat and Kendrick Lemar.

You can find Mono/Poly on his website or Facebook page. You can also listen to Mono/Poly on Bandcamp.


For all of those electronic and dance lovers out there, you couldn’t pick a better night to go to a show at The Hi-Fi than this Friday, December 8th. Doors open at 9:00 pm and the show kicks off at 10:00. Tickets for the concert start at twenty-two dollars.


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