Josu Mämmi unveils two new singles


Bossa Nova drummer turned techno producer Josu Mämmi dropped two new singles on us earlier this month, a pair of tracks called “Organized Planning” and “Priviledge of Analyzing.” Coming off his much-celebrated EP release in 2016 called “Spring/Summer ’16,” the artist has added two more tracks to his impressive repertoire, building on his idiosyncratic vision of club and dance music.


First track “Organized Planning,” features twinkling lo-fi synths contrasted against warm beats that slowly build upon themselves, gently adding in layers before you even notice anything has changed. Processed voices inject their own rhythm into the track, yet move right at the the surface of the song, never taking over the song. Each sound in Mämmi’s mix plays equally into the overall feel, no element playing too big of a part in the world created by the song.

What I like most about “Organized Planning” is its spaciousness. With each track poised and balanced on the next, Mämmi is able to create these subtle transitions that feel as natural as a river bending around a corner, revealing a different landscape before it. It’s music that gently nudges you into its universe, and by the end you are surprised at the new territory of sound you inhabit.

“Priviledge of Analyzing” mixes things up a bit, yet still taps into the minimal vibes of “Organized Planning.” Its rock/funk feel expands the world of music that Mämmi taps into. He channels 80s Prince and Michael Jackson sounds in a mix that definitely feels a bit more scattered and messy. Although it doesn’t have the focus of “Organized Planning,” “Priviledge of Analyzing” is that much more fun, injecting its infectious vibe into your brain like some sort of glitchy pop daydream.

The reason these two tracks stand out in the dance music world is their intelligence. Its music for those looking for more than just a wall of sound and an infectious beat.

The Helsinki based artist has more on the table as well. Mämmi plans on dropping “The Sale EP” on December 6th, so fans can look ahead to that. You check that out at


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