S. Carey shares live version of “Fool’s Gold”


S. Carey has been a busy man, and it’s a wonder he’s had time to work on another release in the process. The member of Bon Iver has had his hands full touring for their latest release “22, A Million,” an album that has cemented the Midwestern band as bonafide pop music sensations. Playing arenas around the world, Carey still found time to put together a new collection of songs. The album will be called “Hundred Acres,” and will be out in February of 2018 on Jagjaguwar

Giving us a peek at his new record, Carey has shared a video for one of its singles, a song called “Fool’s Gold.” Shot live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the video features Carey and his band playing the song in a venue called The Hive. For the track Carey has abandoned his usual piano for acoustic guitar, crafting a song that delicately shimmers across the room, expanding in light tones of lap steel and sparkling guitar. Carey’s comforting croon flows right into the melting warmth of the song:

“No one came to take you
How could you leave?
Wrapped you in white paper
Then sent you downstream

Found your mama in the basement in the cold
What does heaven know ’bout fool’s gold?

“Fool’s Gold” finds Carey building upon the sound he cultivated on his last two releases, “Supermoon EP” and “Range of Light.” The atmospheric, whispering emotional landscape of his songs like “Fire-Scene” and “Neverending Fountain” find themselves stripped a bit on “Fool’s Gold,” though his ideas remain intact.

Carey hasn’t let playing with Bon Iver shift his style too much, though. Instead of experimenting in similar ways with elaborate compositions and electronics, the musician has simplified his sound even more on “Fool’s Gold.” We’ll just have to wait until the release of “Hundred Acres” to see if he stays true to that.

For another new song by Carey, check out the video below. It’s a moody song called “Brassy Sun” that the artist released in August. It’s noticeable that he’s used more ambient haze and electronics on the production, which is still delivered in a typically graceful, non-intrusive way.






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