Joshua Worden shares new single “Biven’s Arm” from upcoming EP


Atlanta R&B artist Joshua Worden has made some changes since his last release, 2014’s “Into Fog.” He’s gotten married, bought a house, and spent the last few years renovating it. Although the solo artist and producer didn’t let go of his musical ideas, Worden found that his new responsibilities cause them to emerge differently than before, slowly burning underneath the surface of his day to day life. That’s why he decided to name his new EP “Cinders,” acknowledging the swelling creativity that still lives inside of him.

From the upcoming “Cinders,” Worden has shared the single “Biven’s Arm.” Showcasing his various influences ranging from trip-hop to chillwave and R&B, the song finds an intriguing balance between a thick, hip-hop beat and warm tones of synth mixed with many levels of rhythmic instrumentation. The effect is striking, showcasing Worden’s unique production work and the variety of styles he can draw upon. The song’s end finds the jazz-educated musician playing delightfully with rhythm, layering instruments with a raw exuberance.

Worden’s wide-reaching sound finds a perfect complement in his lyrics, which are intentionally ambiguous, allowing the listener to filter his words through their own life experience, discovering their own meaning inside of Worden’s wash of sound and feeling:

“Hold on to the cinder

Come down from the beneath the flame

Out over the long night

Dark clouds are threatening”

Fans of “Into Fog” won’t be disappointed by the sound and variety on “Biven’s Arm,” and can look forward to expanding into the rest of Worden’s world when “Cinders” comes out. For those who haven’t heard of him before, this is music that plays at pop’s fringes – it’s impeccably produced but keeps enough of an edge to keep things interesting. In a world of mind-numbing pop and electronica tracks that sound dull and redundant, Worden’s new single feels like a tasteful exception.



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