Florence Welch, the free-spirited, whimsical goddess and frontwoman of Florence + the Machine, has recently announced that she will be releasing her first book in July 2018. She took to Instagram to share the exciting news:

While we eagerly await the release of her new music (which she hinted at earlier this year), this book will give a rare glimpse into Florence’s artistic psyche. The book will be comprised of lyrics and poetry, all of which have inspired Florence’s creative process.

Since the release of “How Big, How Beautiful, How Blue” in 2015, Florence has been flying under the radar. In an interview with The Telegraph, she reveals that she experienced a series of “personal setbacks” which will influence her upcoming music, and presumably, this new book as well.

After announcing the release of the book via Instagram, she shared a preview of the Preface, which stresses the importance of music: “Songs can be incredibly prophetic, like subconscious warnings or messages to myself, but I often don’t know what I’m trying to say till years later. Or a prediction comes true and I couldn’t do anything to stop it, so it seems like a kind of useless magic.”

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In this way, Florence treats song writing as self-therapy, where the snippets of her life that she captures in lyrics transcend time and space to create new meanings as time goes on. It seems a little self- deprecating to refer to this as “useless magic,” but perhaps Florence has her reasons for referring to it as such. If this art comes from a dark place, at least Florence assures that “it’s always darkest before the dawn.” This book could be her most beautiful creation yet. But, we will have to wait for the release of the full book to find out!

Until then, if you want more Florence in your life (let’s face it, we all do) then check out our list of Seven of the Most Underrated Songs by Florence + The Machine.


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