Moony Bollywood


Human beings have always been fascinated by the moon. They have often shown the moon to children saying that an old woman appears to be cooking on it. Other stories say that the moon is the child’s maternal uncle. Irritable children have been shown the moon to control their tantrums. Astrologically speaking, the moon is considered one of the planets influencing the fate of the dwellers of the earth and affects their mental condition. It is no wonder that in the days of yore people with a little deviance in their mental conditions have been called lunatics.

The moon has a special place in Indian Mythology. During Karva Chauth, married ladies and girls, whose engagement is over, pray to the moon for the wellbeing of their husbands. The phases of the moon control the tidal waves. Astronomy, on the other hand, considers moon as the natural satellite of the earth. Some divergent scientific opinion also says that the moon is an artificial satellite placed in its orbit by aliens.

Whatever the science says, Bollywood has always been fascinated by the moon and song-writers have penned their imagination about it. The moon has also been linked to romance, comparing it to the face of the beloved. Here are some songs that have the moon in their lyrics:

Na yeh chand hoga na taare rahenge magar hum hamesha tumhare rahenge… – Shart (1954)

Chand phir nikla magar tum naa aaye… – Paying Guest (1957)

Dheere dheere chal chand gagan mein… – Love Marriage (1959)

Khoya khoya chand khula aasman … – Kala Bazaar (1960)

Chaudhwin ka chand ho yaa aftab ho… – Chaudhwin Ka Chand (1960)

Chand aahein bharega, phool dil tham lenge… – Phool Aur Angarey (1963)

Yeh chand sa roshan chehra zulfon ka rang sunehra… – Kashmir Ki Kali (1964)

Chand ko kya maloom chahta hai use koi chakor…Lal Bangla (1966)

Gore gore chand se mukh par kaali kaali aankhein hai … – Anita (1967)

Chand mera dil chandni ho tum… – Hum Kisise Kum Nahin (1977)

Chand jaise mukhde pe bindiyaa sitara.. – Sawan Ko Aane Do (1979)

Chanda re chanda re kabhi to zameen par aa baithenge baatein karenge … – Sapney (1997)

Chand ne kuch kaha, raat ne kuch suna, tu bhi sunn bekhabar, pyaar kar … – Dil Toh Pagal Hai (1997)

Chand chhupa badal mein… – Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999)


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