“The Voice”: Addison Agen and other contestants sing viewer choice songs


On Monday, Nov. 27, contestants on “The Voice” presented songs chosen for them by viewers. The hopeful singers repeatedly expressed gratitude that viewers knew who they were by picking appropriate songs. The performances raised the bar for the remaining 11 contestants. Addison Agen rose to the challenge, but time will tell if her performance is enough.

Fort Wayne connection, Addison Agen

On Monday night, there were viewing parties for “The Voice” in three locations around Fort Wayne, Indiana. The parties are to support Fort Wayne native, Addison Agen. The teenager continues to be a serious contender for the top spot on “The Voice.”

However, Agen wasn’t the only singer bringing new skill levels to the competition. This observation makes even the casual observer take notice that the show is  close to choosing a winner. Knowing that this season of competition is almost over makes the show a little more exciting to watch, even for people who had no interest in the outcome of it before. The inclusion of Agen has prompted locals who were not necessarily fans of “The Voice” to watch, and become fans of Agen herself.

“The Voice” and the search for the best

What continues to be interesting about “The Voice” is the cross-section of performers the show features this season. Agen, at 16, is not even the youngest contestant. That title seems to belong to Shi’Ann Jones, who is 15. The older contestants include Janice Freeman 32, Red Marlow who is 40, and Adam Cunningham who is 38. Regardless of age, the playing field, or stage, is level for any singer who gives the best performance.

On Monday night there was something laudable about every performance. That has not always been true of other singing shows, or of other seasons of “The Voice.”

In past weeks, Agen has been a clear forerunner, but with so many singers now eliminated, the crop of performers has become more talented, and it is more difficult to shine.

The night began with Freeman performing “Shine,” by Collective Soul. Freeman’s goal apparently is to mix alternative music and soul, and she did that with her performance.

Agen sang later in the program, and she did a noteworthy job of interpreting Joni Mitchell’s “A Case of You.” Her heartfelt rendering of songs will always attract listeners.

Marlow gave an emotive performance of “The Dance” by Garth Brooks. And Cunningham took on the late Tom Petty’s “American Girl.” All of the performances were interesting in their own ways.

For a number of viewers, Chloe Kohanski’s version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was the best of the night. Her vocals were outstanding–she even included a bit of rasp that would remind some viewers of Bonnie Tyler’s rendering of the original. What was also a nice touch, was Kohanski’s ability to make eye contact. While there is nothing wrong with singers closing their eyes to emote, there is something charming about a singer who hits all the notes and gives eye contact.

Even though viewers chose the songs, this was not a “fun” night for contestants. Stakes were high. Viewers could still vote for the performer they liked most, which means it is still a competition. With the finale looming in the not-too-far distance, “The Voice” just amped up its excitement level.


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