Bjork exhibits a surreal grace on “Blissing Me” Video


In the video for “Blissing Me,” one of the singles from her new album “Utopia,” Bjork interprets the lyrics of the song in an empty white space, dressed in otherworldly makeup and a costume made of blue tutu material. In typical form, the famously genre-breaking musician has crafted an oddly catchy in “Blissing Me,” matching it with a video that captures the introspective wonder and almost anxious melodic phrasing of the song:

“The interior of these melodies
Is perhaps where we are meant to be
Our physical union a fantasy
(I just fell) I just fell in love with a song
So, I reserve my own intimacies
I bundle them up in packages
My rawward longing far too visceral
Did I just fall in love with love?”


Each gesture and expression from Bjork in “Blissing Me” adds to the rhythm and feel of the song. When she sings about “excess texting,” her face contorts between reserved energy and excess joy, her thumbs air texting on a non-existent phone in front of her. There is a similar flavor when she sings about sending mp3s to her new lover.

The fact that Bjork is pictured in this individual dance in the video speaks to the self-awareness of the song. Even in the midst of new, exuberant love, Bjork realizes the fantasies we create around it, showing her feelings with each movement and expression of her body. It’s a subtle video, but speaks deeply to the beautiful and frightening experience of falling in love.

But is our longing a fantasy? Bjork doesn’t answer the question, and it hangs out in space as the song fades away.

“The Gate” is another video worth checking out from the album, and accompanies “Blissing Me” in feeling, adding to it with its fantasy landscape and imagery. Check it out below:


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