Bibio’s video for “Phantom Brickworks III” shows his ambient side


On his latest release, English artist Bibio has entered into a full exploration of textural music. Abandoning much of his folk and beat-driven works, the renowned artist and producer works with ambient feels and lazy sounds on his new album “Phantom Brickworks.” Accompanying these explorations, he has released a few videos, including one for “Phantom Brickworks III.”

Appropriately, the video for the wordless, haunting song takes us on a journey through an abandoned landscape, moving slowly through trees and under bridges in autumn. As tinkling piano and ghostly voices swirl through the web of music, the camera moves gently guides us on a hike in the forest. At one point a leaf falls, becoming the largest source of action in the video.

“Phantom Brickworks” is music for a slow-moving, thoughtful experience of the world. It’s definitely not for those looking for mesmerizing hook or infectious beat. Although Bibio is adept at these things, I respect his foray into the ambient world. It seems he is trying to show us a perspective of the world he has inhabited, one away from the glitz and glamour of our fast-moving culture.

As we move between images in the video, we find ourselves repeating the same scenes over and over again, each time moving a tiny bit forward on the path. What Bibio is saying with this, I’m not sure. Though if all it’s saying is to take a few moments to move slowly and intentionally apart from rush of society, then it seems like a worthwhile cause.

Also check out the similar video for “Two Paths,” also from the same album. The music on this one is warmer and ultimately more comforting, as the video’s scenes take us on a similar journey on a forest path. Watching the two videos back to back certainly adds a few layers to the experience, even if only to show the variety of ambience that Bibio has at his disposal. Watch the video below:


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