Flat 12 First Friday w/ Unicorn Derby


This Friday marks the first of December, as well as yet another Frist Friday full of free concerts in Fountain Square. If you’re in the neighborhood, consider stopping by Square Cat Vinyl for the Unicorn Derby EP release party. Performing with Unicorn Derby will be The 1923, and The “Ocho”.

One interesting sidenote to this show is that every band was formed at Square Cat Vinyl’s Random Band Competition, in which participating strangers’ names were drawn from a bucket to make up each new band. The acts to play on Friday are the top three bands from the competition.

Unicorn Derby

Unicorn Derby is an alternative rock band made up of Caleb Spicer (bass), Grant McClintock (vocals, guitar), Joe O’Brien (guitar), and Kevin Hood (drums). While their name evokes rainbows and butterflies, Unicorn Derby’s sound has a little more edge to it than that. After winning the Random Band Competition, Unicorn Derby won studio time, a cash prize, and a slot at the 2017 Virginia Avenue Folk Festival. After some time in the studio, they narrowed down their list of songs to a four-track EP titled, “Explosion of Awesome”.

To find out more about Unicron Derby, you can find them on Facebook. You can also listen to their EP “Explosion of Awesome” on Bandcamp.

The 1923

The second band that will play on Friday night at Square Cat Vinyl is The 1923. They’re an alternative grunge band made up of Indianapolis locals, and also contestants in the Random Band Competition. The 1923 consists of Emily Kelm (guitar, bass, lead vocals),
Eric Roesch (guitar, bass, vocals), Ryan Shore (drums), and Will Schaust (lead guitar).

To learn more, you can find The 1923 on Facebook.

The “Ocho”

The “Ocho” got their name from being the eighth band that was put together during the Random Band Competition. They placed third in the competition, earning their right to play this Friday night. The “Ocho” plays a mix of funk, folk, and rock, and has a lineup including two basses and a saxophone. The “Ocho’ consists of Aaron McDonald (guitar, vocals), Nicholas Johnson (saxophone), Jeremy Holden (bass), Andrew Hoernschemeyer (bass/effects), and Rocky Rodriguez (drums).

You can find The “Ocho” on Facebook to learn more.


While all of these bands were formed randomly with total strangers, it’s surprising how well they all made out. Don’t be swayed by the easy critique that they have nothing to say due to their method of conception. The truth is far from it. Each of these bands came together with a similar love for music, as well as a desire to make their own. I think it’s great that the Random Band Competition exists, and I hope it continues next year.

The EP release party for unicorn Derby starts at 7:00 pm, and will run until 11:00. There will also be samples and specials on Flat 12 beer for audience members to enjoy. Sounds like a good time to me, and a hard one to beat.



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