Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers at The White Rabbit


While this Friday does mark the first of the month of December, one venue in Fountain Square won’t be waving the cover charge in honor of First Fridays in Indianapolis, though they do have a good reason for it. That venue is The White Rabbit Cabaret, and their reason is that they’ve got Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers playing. Friday night’s performance will also serve as the band’s album release party, presented by Spark Joy Music.

Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers

Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers is an experimental rock and folk band from Indianapolis. Their seven-man lineup includes Cyrus Youngman (lead vocals, guitar, harmonica), Matt Corken (lead guitar, vocals), Andrew Roti (bass), Justin Renner (electric mandolin, vocals), Nathaniel Hood (keyboard, vocals), Glenn Dantam (saxophone, percussion), and Colin Oakley (drums).

“Trip To Try” LP Release

According to their Facebook profile, “Cyrus Youngman & the Kingfishers is an eclectic collection of young musicians committed to the pursuit of truth outside the constraint of genre”. Perhaps it’s this little nugget of passion that made it possible for Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers to independently produce their debut album, “Trip To Try”. The record was produced in Nashville, Tennessee by Mark Rubel of Blackbird Studios. With little money, the band took to crowdfunding to make their recording dreams possible. Their goal was ten thousand dollars to cover all the costs. I’m not sure whether they achieved their goal, but the record is here, so they made it one way or another.

There’s something about Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers that sticks with you. Maybe it’s the contagious energy of seven men jumping around and singing. Maybe it’s the neverending fount of charisma that Cyrus Youngman draws from. And maybe it’s just dumb luck. Whatever the case, this is one Indianapolis band to keep your eyes on. They’re going places.

You can find out more about Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers on Facebook. You can also visit their website for additional info.


the show at The White Rabbit Cabaret kicks off at 8:00 pm on Friday night. Joining Cyrus Youngman and The Kingfishers will be two special guests. Joshua Powell and The Great Train Robbery, and BYBYE will also play sets. Once again, this isn’t one of the free Frist Friday concerts. A cover charge of twelve dollars will get you in the door.


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