Badri ki dulhaniya – Dev/Neha/Monali/Ikka – Tanishk Bagchi | Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya (2017)


Movie: This song appeared in 2017 Dharma Productions’ romedy Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya  (Badrinath’s Bride) produced by Karan Johar and directed by Shashank Khaitan. The movie starred Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Sukhmani Lamba, etc.

Badrinath Bansal Aka Badri (Varun Dhawan), the younger scion of a Jhansi-based affluent family, remembers how his brother Alok (Yash Sinha) was compelled to give up his love for a girl and marry the girl Urmila (Swetha Basu Prasad) their father selected. Urmila is not allowed to work despite the presence of intelligence, talent and professional training with her. Her education is more than her husband. Alok is depressed and spends a lot of time drinking alcohol. Badri often worries that he might have the same fate waiting for him. Thus, when he sees Vaidehi Trivedi (Alia Bhatt) during a friend’s wedding, he falls in love with her and decides to go to any extreme to marry her with his father’s permission.

Badri keeps chasing Vaidehi, a Kota-resident. When she rejects him, he puts pressure on her through her father, who wants to get both her and her elder sister married as soon as possible. Finally, Vaidehi agrees because Badri finds a ‘good’ groom for her sister Kritika (Sukhmani Lamba), all with a lot of comic diversions. He also gets his father convinced through other sources, without the older man’s knowledge.

Vaidehi runs away on the day of marriage. It is a shameful situation for all. After one month she calls home and tells her mother that she is in Mumbai training to become an air hostess. She had also bagged a job. Her father contacts Badri’s father and informs him of it. He sends Badri to bring her back and teach her a lesson for running away.

Badri chases her to Mumbai with his friend Somdev Mishra (Sahil Vaid) and then to Singapore for her further on-job training. He catches up with her and gets into trouble with the police again and again for stalking her. Vaidehi insists that she was ready to come back home with him provided he would tell his father that she would be working after marriage. He is incapable of doing that. He is arrested by the police and Somdev’s and his passports are confiscated by them. They are let out under the guarantee of Gurmeet (Gaurav Pandey), Vaidehi’s friend Kiran’s (Aakanksha Singh) boyfriend. Also, they have to stay with Vaidehi in her apartment until their passports are returned to them.

All the friends enjoy the time together. Badri’s father finds out that his son has gone to Singapore and insists that he return home immediately. He also tells his son that he has begun looking for another bride for him in India. Simultaneously, Badri and Somdev’s passports are returned to them by the police. Vaidehi suggests that all of them have some nice party-time together that evening.

After the party, Vaidehi and Badri get drunk and talk about their futures without each other. Later, Badri leaves her on her bed in her flat. The next day, Badri is gone. Badri reaches home and his father compels him to marry the girl he had chosen. Badri drowns in sorrow. Even Vaidehi is sorrowful. Badri’s father arranges a pooja so that Alok’s wife delivers a boy. The older man invites Vaidehi’s parents as well for the pooja and insults them. Badri gets drunk and confronts his father about several issues. Vaidehi arrives and hears him announce to everybody that he is still in love with her. She joins him and apologizes to her father for running away before.

Vaidehi and Badri decide to get married even if his father does not agree. Urmila gives birth to girl-boy twins and the older man treats both equally. Vaidehi stays back in Singapore to train for 2 years and returns home to run an air hostess training institute. Vaidehi and Badri live happily ever after. This song appears after the movie is over.

Song: The music of this song was composed by Tanishk Bagchi and the lyrics were also penned by Shabbir Ahmad.

The song praises the girl for her beauty and intelligence. The song also says that the man would take her away as his bride.

Video: Cinematography is by Neha Parti Matiyani.

The video opens with the shot of a studio where elaborate sets have been erected. The song begins in the background. Varun Dhawan is seen sitting on the floor. Alia Bhatt is seen in the next shot. They are seen walking toward each other and begin to dance together. They also begin to sing the song.

There are other dancers with them. There is a change of dress. The dance is really vigorous like aerobic exercises. Soon, the song peters out and the video ends as the lead pair embrace.

Artists: The playback of this song was sung by Dev Negi, Neha Kakkar, Monali Thakur and Ikka Singh and the onscreen performances are by Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Swetha Basu Prasad and others.

Cultural Influence: This typically filmi song is a song of celebration. The music has been copied from an old song Chalat musafir moholia re… from Teesri Kasam (1966). There is some influence from Bhojpuri folk on the song. The song also celebrates the colorful festival of Holi. The dance has been modernized and dance-lovers love this song. The song and the artists are good. The video is watchable for the same.


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