Afternoon Tea at the Propylaeum in Indianapolis offers alternative to modern snacking


Afternoon tea was introduced in, wait for it… England. The tea-lover in question was Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, and all of this occurred in the 1840s. The Duchess would become peckish around four p.m., and as dinner in her household was served at 8 p.m., it was decided that a “snack” of sorts would be laid out each afternoon.

Let’s face it. In this day and age? We’re a bunch of animals. We eat in our cars. Many of us have at least five decomposing French fries somewhere in our backseat floorboard. And we can’t remember the last time we quietly sat down to a meal that didn’t include electronic devices instead of conversation.

There is now an opportunity to divert from your barbaric ways and remember a slower, and more delicious era. An era that treated food preparation as an art, and not as a sprint.

“Afternoon Tea at the Propylaeum” is presented by Food Guys Catering. Those who miss the gentility of “tea time” can now wax nostalgic each Wednesday at the Indianapolis Propylaeum1410 N. Delaware St. There are a few different selections available, including The Queen’s Tea for $18, the Princess Tea for $14, the Duchess Tea for $10 and the Jester’s Tea for $8.

You may have guessed that the Queen’s Tea comes with everything, so no decisions over “this or that?” must be made. Selections for the Queen’s Tea include cool cucumber cream sandwiches, ham salad and sweet pickle sandwiches, avocado and sprouts sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches.

Desserts include lemon bundt cake, tartelettes, cheesecake shots and chocolate dipped strawberries. Fresh biscuits and scones with whipped butter, clotted cream and assorted jams are also included as are a selection of organic hot or cold tea or coffee.

If you’re not feeling decadent in a queenly way then the Princess Tea comes with a choice of two sandwiches, two desserts and biscuits and scones as well as beverages. The Duchess Tea is biscuits and scones and beverages only and the Jester’s Tea is reserved for children who may choose from additional selections which include PB&J bites, turkey and cheddar on ciabatta, chocolate brownie bites and snickerdoodle cookies.

Tea is served from 1 to 4 p.m. every Wednesday at the Propylaeum Historic Foundation. Seating is by reservation only. Other dates may be arranged by special request. Call 317-300-7833 for reservations and to make your tea selection.

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Oh, and come dressed in something that doesn’t have rips, patches or your favorite band emblazoned on the front. My mother frequently asks me if I was born in a barn. I’m assuming she’s the one who would know. But, if I was, and if you were, too?  Let’s keep that a secret, shall we?

Pinkies up!



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