A mad old time: Kranks and Madhabits at the Melody Inn

Local punk bands Kranks and Madhabits to play Indy’s Melody Inn on November 29th.

It certainly says something about the allure of punk rock that not even Indianapolis is immune to its pull. Maybe its wild, elemental energy provides us with an antidote to our corn-fed existence. Maybe we want to defy the tired old tropes often associated with us Hoosiers. Who knows? Whatever the reason, Naptown has a spawned a surprising number of punk bands. And you, brothers and sisters, get to check out two of them at the Melody Inn on the 29th. Introducing Kranks and Madhabits!

Posted by Madhabits on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

You may actually be surprised by their strong allure, as Kranks has only recently been doing live shows. Really recently, in fact. Kranks released their first single less than a week ago.

Madhabits formed two years ago, and like Kranks, mostly works live. That changed earlier this year with the release of their first EP, Elevator Pitch. This also coincides with the band adopting the name Madhabits. Before now, they played under numerous names, but decided to stick with Madhabits as part of their commitment to music.

Their Sound

Kranks only has the one single out, which gives me a pretty shallow well to draw from. So, be forewarned. Their sound is actually more garage rock than punk rock, and surprisingly complex for either. Why garage? While they do play as loud and fast as you would expect, they don’t have punk’s typical abrasiveness. It’s more garage rock’s lack of refinement. Likewise, they make frequent use of a call and response scheme in their guitar section. While not totally foreign to punk, it’s not common either. Musically, though, it does add some interest to the melody section.

Madhabits embraces a fairly straight brand of punk rock. Like many Indy-area bands, their sound is more reminiscent of punk’s first wave than the hardcore punk that came later. Of course, they do add grunge elements, so they don’t sound exactly like the Sex Pistols or the Ramones. In all, their sound is driving, dirty, and possessed of a distinct satirical edge. Just like you’d expect from any good punk.

So, as always. The Venue is the Melody Inn, door’s at 7:00. See you there!


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