Popular duo Sugarland reunites


If you’ve been missing Sugarland as much as the rest of us have, you’ll love this news. At the CMAs last week, the duo reunited and did a little teasing about new music. Naturally, the two came out on stage to announce the winner of the Vocal Duo of the Year Award.

After a cute little “fancy meeting you here” bit, Jennifer Nettles finally let the world of country music and Sugarland fans in on a little secret.

While they were talking about the award they were presenting, her duo partner, Kristian Bush, said, “It feels like we’ve been here before, right?”

“That’s true,” Nettles replied. “In fact, we’re here to present the CMA Award we won together in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011… and well, who knows?” The duo then began giggling as if they had just spilled the beans on a big secret.

The thought of having new Sugarland music is indeed an exciting one. The two haven’t made music together since 2010. According to US Magazine, in 2012 Nettles learned she was pregnant during the duo’s tour, and they haven’t played together since. Both have spent time on their solo careers. But, they haven’t ever said they were calling it quits as a duo.

After the CMAs ended for the evening, Nettles and Bush hit the stage together during the Big Machine Label afterparty. According to Taste of Country, during that performance, the group announced that they would release new music in the coming weeks.

Now, a sweet image of the two appears on their Instagram page with the hashtag #stillthesame. At this point, we can only guess on the date of the new music release. But, many are speculating that “Still the Same” might be the title of a new single. We won’t really know until the music hits the shelves, however.











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