Kenny Rogers says goodbye with epic concert farewell



Kenny Rogers is hanging up his traveling shoes, and after this round of touring, we won’t see him again. But, he’s taking the time to go out in style by touring the world one last time. Many of his close friends came to say goodbye to him with a farewell concert.

The concert took place on Oct. 25, and it was a fantastic one. Stars like Dolly Parton, Chris Stapleton and Kris Kristofferson showed up to pay tribute to the country music star great. Before the concert, Rogers had a lot to say about his plans for the future.

“As I’m bringing this chapter of my career to a close, this will be an unforgettable way to celebrate with my talented friends, who I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with,” said Rogers in a news release. “It means so much that they would feel compelled to do this for me. Of course, the night would not be the same without Dolly Parton being part of it. We’ve enjoyed a special friendship for decades, and I’ll forever look back fondly on the many collaborations, performances, and laughs we’ve shared as some of the most extraordinary moments of my career. I know it will be a moving experience for us standing on that stage together for one last time.”

Rogers has a career worth celebrating. He spent over six decades in the country music industry and developed a ton of top hits. Millions of people enjoy his music and love his hits. Some of his most popular are,  “The Gambler,” “Lady,” and “Islands in the Stream”. He’s also won a ton of awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013.

Another huge achievement the star has received has been the award provided by People and USA Today of “Favorite Singer of All Time.” That’s pretty impressive for a country music singer. We will miss him out on the road, but at least we still have his powerful music to enjoy.


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  1. Kenny is one of the finest country singers I have heard in a very long time. I have followed him for over 40 years as he has travelled around the country and was privileged to meet and talk with him a few years ago. He is a real gentleman and is always interested in what WE are doing. I think he is doing the right thing in ‘retiring’ now – always finish at the top! He can now spend some time with his family and enjoy his favourite hobby – photography. No-one deserved a fantastic send-off more than him. In the words of his song – he went out IN A BLAZE OF GLORY. I shall miss him so very much and I wish him joy and happiness for the future. He has bequeathed his wonderful music to us so I know I won’t be without Kenny at all..Goodbye dear friend and thanks so very much for the lovely music THROUGH THE YEARS.

    Kenny is one of the finest country singers have heard in a long time. I have followed him for over 40 years and I surely will miss his tours and concerts.

  2. Kenny is a great singer. My mom is a big fan of his. I took her to see his show at the Rosemont Theater, it was a great show. He will be missed in concert. I watch and listen to his music all the time. I want to put something together for my Mom for Christmas. Any ideas.

  3. He is a legend in his own time!!

    We saw him in concert twice, I just love all of his music!!

    I don’t blame him for retiring, but he will surely be missed from the love concerts! I will always listen to his music.

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