Drake is a confirmed hardcore Harry Potter nerd


Along with his acclaimed live shows, a recent profile on Drake by the Hollywood Reporter has revealed a number of the rapper’s other interests, specifically his love of Harry Potter.

The profile revealed that Drake has his sights set on an expensive first edition of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,” something he had been on the lookout for a reported four years, and is currently on the market for USD $160,000.

“I should get it,” Drake says in the article. “My birthday’s coming up. Maybe I’ll buy it for myself as a treat.”

That doesn’t appear to be the only export from Britain that Drake has a love for. In the same interview it was revealed that he was set to revive British crime drama series “Top Boy” for a third season in 2019 via Netflix which will also star fellow rapper Kano.

Needless to say, Drake has been a prime target for memes, particularly since the 2015 track “Hotline Bling.” So it goes without saying that the Internet picked up on the Harry Potter connection before this interview dropped.

Not to mention an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel’s long-running “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” segment.

Among the other interesting tidbits in the interview were a discussion of Drake’s various other TV and movie deals, a mention of his view on the Harvey Weinstein case and the rapper’s time on TV show “Degrassi.”

Drake also proved that he was a little kid in a rich man’s body with his Harry Potter love and the revelation he hired a bunch of SUV’s to transport his friends to a movie premiere.

The entireĀ Hollywood ReporterĀ story can be read here.


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